Fiore Documentary Film Treatment

In the documentary film “Fiore,” we shall talk to people with whom she worked and whose lives she affected through her courage, creativity and vitality. We have visited Peralta to explore Fiore’s heritage and to discuss the juxtaposition between her private and public lives with friends who knew her well.

We shall capture the infectious energy that Fiore exuded. We are recording stories from her friends and colleagues about her art, her life, her duality and her legacy. We are filming her sculptures with a great attention to detail, well-lit and beautifully captured. In addition, we are using photographs from the National Portrait Gallery in London and from various private collections.

Filming has already taken place in Italy, England and America – three of her homes throughout her life.Fiore

Thus far, we have been in contact with:

Filming has taken place in Peralta, Pietrasanta, London and Washington DC with the following people, among others:

References (abridged list):